Increasing direct bookings for hotels

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The most valuable guest is the one that comes back

Achieving effective guest retention is a challenge for hoteliers in today's competitive and overcrowded online marketplace.

Our lightweight platform enables hotels to present offers, promotions and guest loyalty rewards tailored to every individual, increasing customer lifetime value and strengthening the direct channel.

Increase your website conversion rate

By employing our technology you can welcome your guests back to your website with a personal greeting just as you would at the front desk. Invite an individual guest to take advantage of loyalty offers that convert web visits into direct bookings.

Up to 9% audience growth rate
30% or more expected increase in CTR
7x ROI in monthly direct bookings

Grow your marketing audience

Expand Your addressable marketing audience by creating a lasting, permission based relationship with everyone who walk on property and maintain that link with a simple setup that requires no hardware changes.

  • Turn visitors into guests and first time guests into repeat visitors.
  • Use your guests' social networks to drive website traffic and create new brand advocates.
  • Build the most robust and secure data set available allowing you to uncover hidden marketing opportunities.